5 Advantages of Hiring a Minibus for Music Events

By September 5, 2016Festivals, Minibus and Coach Hire

Music events and festivals are great for large groups of people, and big get-togethers require a bigger, more convenient form of transport


Whether you’re attending music events throughout the year or saving it all for a big blowout at a summer festival, you and your fellow attendees are going to have to get organised. Driving to and from events is often the major downfall, as the time and effort that goes into planning the whole palava can be stressful. The answer? Hire a minibus for your next music event! Here are five advantages of doing so.


Event Travel Services: It’s More Convenient


For lots of people, the highlights of their year are the events and festivals they attend — but they may feel differently if you ask them while they’re preparing to travel there. Organising the travel arrangements to and from music events can be a stressful ordeal, especially if you’re travelling in large groups or are unfamiliar with the route that needs to be taken.


Then you have to consider the potential for drinking, the inevitable hangover and, of course, the tiredness from hours of dancing and losing your voice as you belt out your favourite songs. A minibus gives you the option of doing all of that without having to worry about the chore of driving home, nullifying the dangers of driving while still shaking off the events of the night before.


Minibus Hire: There’s Plenty of Room


Travelling to music events in a car can be a rather crowded affair, especially in the case of festivals where you’ll be bringing tents, sleeping bags and plenty more. The extra room in a minibus not only gives you more space to store belongings; it does so without sacrificing any comfort. There’s more than enough room for you to travel comfortably and bring plenty of stuff with you.


A bigger vehicle also means you’re able to bring more friends. More friends means more fun, while still avoiding the stress of organising a convoy of cars.


A Cheaper Way to Travel


Attending music events and festivals will require a bit of budgeting once you factor in ticket prices, money for food and drink, as well paying out for accommodation if necessary.


Hiring a minibus is a much more cost-effective way of travelling. By splitting the cost of the minibus hire and avoiding fuel costs between you and your friends, you’ll end up paying substantially less than if you were travelling by car. It leaves you some extra pocket change for the event, or other activities throughout the year.


Minibus Hire: The Chauffeur Experience


Attending a music festival often includes enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, soaking up the sun and atmosphere with some much-needed refreshment. Hiring a minibus means you can enjoy a few drinks without having to drive home in the morning — and nobody gets stuck as the designated driver!


Instead of being huddled in the back of a car, you’ll be driven to and from the event in the comfort of a minibus, taking away any of the stress and effort of driving yourself.


Enjoy the Journey in Your Hired Minibus


Using a minibus to travel to events gives you much more room to interact with fellow festival-goers, making the overall experience more enjoyable.


Driving up in a packed car can be hot and uncomfortable and, more importantly, you can’t distract the driver from the road. A minibus trip gives everyone the chance to bond before you’ve even arrived, setting yourself up for a more enjoyable weekend and enhancing the experience as a whole.


Organising your means of travel to a music event can be stressful and expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Hiring a minibus ensures your trip is cheaper, more convenient and a more enjoyable experience. Being able to rest up in the back of a minibus from the hours of drinking, dancing and making a fool of yourself has never been so comfortable.


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Image via Andrew Egerton / Flickr