5 Ways Hiring a Coach Will Improve Your Tour of Glasgow


Glasgow is one of the UK’s most popular cities, and hiring a coach is one of the best ways to make the most of a day trip.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow Scotland


Scotland isn’t known for scorching temperatures and plush sandy beaches, but it continues to draw in high numbers of tourists every year because of its rich heritage and beautiful scenery. Glasgow is Scotland’s most highly populated city and offers something for everyone when it comes to attractions. Hiring a coach for city trips can prove to be a massive benefit, and here are some of the ways it will improve your tour of Glasgow.


1. Affordable on a Tight Budget


City breaks and day trips are rapidly becoming the most popular form of tourism, but they can quickly add up to being an expensive couple of days. A lot of people visiting cities opt to use public transport, but this is where you’ll find yourself forking out quite a bit of money; many of the attractions may be on different routes or outside the city centre.


Hiring a coach is good value for money; especially if you’re travelling in a large group and split the overall cost between you. The money you save by hiring a coach can then be spent on visiting some of Glasgow’s best attractions, which is especially useful if some attractions with entry fees weren’t previously in your budget.


2. Stress-Free Travel


For something that’s considered to be a leisurely activity, travel can be pretty stressful – and at times you’ll wonder why on earth you decided it would be a good idea in the first place.


But hiring a coach will make the whole experience a lot less stressful. Your driver will know exactly where they’re going, and you’ll avoid the nightmare of being lost in a new city, clutching a map and asking strangers for directions.


Not having to drive gives you more time to sit back, relax and socialise more with the people around you.


 3. More Time to Take in the Sights


A coach ride in Glasgow will give you more opportunity to take in the sights, rather than only seeing the attractions you visit. If you drive yourself, then you will be concentrating on the road and won’t have any time to look at Glasgow’s landmarks and historical architecture.


The comfort of a coach will make the drive through the city a lot more relaxing and enjoyable, and the height of the coach itself will give you a better view of everything you drive past. This can be especially useful to spot shops or restaurants.


4. A Coach Caters for Large Groups


Whether you’re planning to visit Glasgow with your family, or with a group of friends – Hiring a coach is one of the most convenient ways to travel in a large group. Not only does a coach’s abundance of seating cater for plenty of people, but it prevents the nightmare of having to travel as a group on public transport.


Being in a large group means you’re going to have a tonne of belongings to keep track of, and if you have larger bags for overnight stays then lugging it around isn’t going to be lots of fun. A coach will have suitable storage space to hold everyone’s baggage, and still have plenty of room to be comfortable.


5. Go Off the Beaten Track


Even if the majority of the locations you want to visit are in and around Glasgow’s city centre, there might be some areas on the outskirts and a little further afield that are worth the effort.


Even as little as a 20-minute drive outside of Glasgow will provide you with the type of beautiful scenery that Scotland is well known for, which is a great contrast to the city terrain.


You’ll see some of the nature and wildlife that continues to make Scotland’s countryside a tourist attraction, travelling with convenience and comfort to every location.


If you’re currently planning a trip to Glasgow and are likely to be going in a large group, then you should consider coach hire. The advantages that come with it will not only make the overall experience more enjoyable, but it will also save you some money. Glasgow has so much to see and do – and hiring a coach is an excellent way to experience it all with your family and friends.

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Image via Michael D Beckwith / Flickr