Corporate Travel in Edinburgh: Hire a Minibus and Increase Employee Engagement

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen plenty of research indicating the benefits of increasing the engagement of employees within your organisation. Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity — highly engaged organisations have double the rate of success of less engaged organisations.


The research shows that activities that involve leaving the office and getting into the great outdoors with your employees can be great for increasing engagement. So as we get into the last few days of summer, hire a minibus in Edinburgh, set off and explore the outdoors!


There are many fantastic locations which can be accessed via minibus hire around Edinburgh. Whether you’re looking for an overnight trip or just a day packed with stimulating activities, the area around Edinburgh has a wealth of options to choose from. As minibus hire in Edinburgh experts, we’ve highlighted three of our favourites below.


Take a Stroll Around Jupiter Artland

sculpted green landscape of Jupiter Artland by S. Alexander Gilmour

via S. Alexander Gilmour / Flickr


Located just a short drive from the centre of Edinburgh and easily accessible through minibus hire, Jupiter Artland is a world-class private art collection which has been opened to the public. Here’s what gives Jupiter Artland a twist: instead of your standard gallery format, the art-pieces are located within the grounds of Bonnington House, a Jacobean manor. The grounds are open from sunrise to sunset, and although you’re given a map that outlines all of the attractions on your arrival, you’re encouraged to make your own route through the woods that house the sculptures.


There’s also a cafe, restaurant and an event space, so if you wanted to run particular activities with your employees as part of your day out, you can do both!


Hire a Minibus And Explore Melrose Abbey

Night shot of Melrose Abbey by Holly Hayes

via Holly Hayes / Flickr


The Scottish Borders, which lay just south of Edinburgh, have many opportunities for exploration and adventure as part of your employee engagement activities. One of the most spectacular is Melrose Abbey, famous for two impressive, contrasting reasons: it’s the burial place of Robert the Bruce, and the birthplace of Rugby Sevens. The Abbey was originally built in the 12th century, making it one of the oldest in the entire country. There aren’t many monks about these days, so the Abbey is now run by Historic Scotland.


In addition to having an excellent day exploring the stunning ruins, hiring a minibus also enables you to see more of the town of Melrose itself. Packed with charming cafes and restaurants, you’ll be able to fill your hungry stomachs after looking around the Abbey. And on your way back to Edinburgh, you take a detour and soak in one of the Borders’ most beautiful views at Scott’s Corner.


Play a Historic Round of Golf in St Andrews

St Andrews Old Course by Sandy Stevenson

via Sandy Stevenson / Flickr


The world-famous Old Course at St Andrews offers an unforgettable day out for your employees. Accessible only by road (which is where your hired minibus will come in handy), the Old Course is the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world. If they’re more experienced, your employees can go off and play a round, or if they’re beginners, they can take a class with one of the many PGA instructors that the course provides. When you’re done golfing, you can refresh yourselves with some delicious afternoon tea at the Old Course Hotel.


St Andrews also offers an excellent option for an overnight retreat for your staff. The town has a host of wonderful attractions to explore including the University and Cathedral, as well as a number of excellent pubs and restaurants. With a number of excellent hotels friendly to the needs of corporate travellers, you can maximise on your employee engagement trip.


With the values of increased employee engagement continuing to be uncovered, make this the year you commit to making employee engagement a priority for your business. Hire a minibus, get out and about, and watch your employees’ improved engagement reap the rewards for your business!


Ready to increase your employee engagement? Get in touch, hire a minibus in Edinburgh, and get planning your trip.